Probate Lawyer

Real Estate Law is precise not practice. The Janicki Law Office has vast experience in providing solutions to complicated real estate matters.

Our experience and knowledge enables you to receive competent advice and solutions to your real estate matter in a timely and affordable manner.

Title Defects Since 1991, The Law Office of Catherine Janicki has represented clients experiencing difficulties in transferring ownership of real property due to defects in title of the property. Many difficulties arise from improper attention to detail and follow through in past matters. Our office has direct access to documents recorded in King, Pierce and Snohomish County; this enables our office to quickly analyze your issue and devise a proper solution to your matter.

Real Estate Contracts and Leases Our office has represented dozens of sellers and buyers in negotiating Purchase and Sale agreements. Our experience in drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements enables you to receive precise legal representation.

When you wish to secure your interest in an investment or personal loan to a private party; the Janicki Law Office is proficient in drafting and recording necessary Deeds of Trust and Promissory Notes to ensure your interest is safeguarded.

Neighboring Property Disputes There are times when over the fence agreements are neglected and legal action is necessary. Adverse possession, claims against neighboring property owners or other issues are becoming all too common in today’s neighborhoods.

Knowledgeable advice, timely response and professional conduct are attributes you can expect from the Janicki Law Office when we represent you in defending your property rights.

Property Management The Janicki Law Office can assist you in several aspects of property management. Our office is currently active in managing several properties in King, Pierce and Snohomish County. Whether you need to have your lease agreement reviewed or complete management of your property; our office is poised to render our professional assistance.